A new chapter in your Book of Travels

Something wicked is afoot in the great city of Kasa. The shops are closed, the citizens are hiding behind locked doors, every Warden tells you to turn back for your own good.
But what if there was a way to sneak in? Join our community of travellers, and explore the sprawling paths of Braided Shore.
  • Developer / Might and Delight
  • Genre / Atmospheric Online RPG
  • Players / Small amount on each server
  • Platforms / PC, Mac, & Linux (Steam)
  • Release date / To be announced

The Lore

Tales of ancient civilizations, mythical creatures, and arcane magic linger in the air like a tantalizing melody.
For those who crave a deeper understanding of the whispers that linger in the air, the chronicles of this mysterious realm await your exploration.
Embark on the journey and let the pages reveal the hidden truths.

The map of a traveller's life

The world of Braided Shore is a lush tapestry of farmland, industrial cities, primordial forests, and ruins left by a people now long gone. You may travel by foot, train, or traverse the coast by ferry - but beware!
Beneath the surface of a calm sea, something slumbers in the depths.
In the mountain ranges, caves lead way to a labyrinthian underbelly. With every road travelled, you will find hospitality and danger in equal measure.
The road is calling, Khelim. What tales will your Book of Travels tell?

Come and Visit Us!

We are a small team working from a peaceful island in Stockholm and we love having visitors. Come by and see how we work, or share ideas about games, stories, animation and game development. If you’d like to arrange a visit please contact us at: